Why am I here?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I guessed I should start by putting down my thoughts on why I'm here! Being a software professional, I've been in the constant company of computers for the last 10-12 years! But again, being a software professional working in India in addition to being a wife and mother, never really got enough free time or opportunity to browse the internet for long all these years! Now, for the first time in 10 years, I find myself in a job that lets me do some amount of surfing. Being outside India, being one of the two member team in the branch office, working on pre sales and not software delivery or project management, all seem to help.

All right! I know what you’re thinking now! ‘Okay! So you are jobless and are online 24 hours! Does that mean you should start blogging?’. I guess not! I started trying my hand at writing a couple of years ago when I saw a lot of people posting their articles, stories and poetry in one of the internal public folders in our company. So I thought, why not me! Well I HAVE been an avid reader all my life albeit of mere fiction…and I love words and the way they come together in a language…and I love English, old and new.

So here I am!

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