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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank you Nancy..Love you for this tag!

Since you wanted me to post something to make you feel less terrible...this is the one! I dedicate each song in this list to you...Nancy!!!

I am an old hindi songs freak! I literally grew up on them. My father had a huge collection of lovely rare songs. On his frequent trips to Delhi and Bombay, he used to bring back such gems! So there is absolutely no way I can restrict myself to just 10 favourite songs. But I will try. But only after officially placing on record that I love all the masterpieces by Roshan, Naushad, S D Burman, Madan Mohan... and any song that Mukesh has lent his soulful voice to..

To reduce the number I shall not list the ones that are global favourites..that are definitely acknowledged Duniya ke rakhwale...mere mahboob... etc. I shall list the one that affect me personally....

So here goes.. in no particular order...and with aplogies to the ones I have failed to list here.....

Old Hindi songs

1. Lag ja Gale: I just love this song and can hear it any number of times...Could be the despair and the 'no tomorrow' feel in it....

2. Baharon ne mera chaman lootkar: I don't know why I love this song..but I do... It is saaaad and Mukesh is great...

3. Abhi na jao chodkar: Just lovely...It was kind of our hostel anthem!

4. sawan aaye ya na aaye: This is a lovely duet...from dil diya dard liya

5. Yeh shaam ki tanhaiyan: Pathetic...beautiful...I heard the song long before I got to watch the movie..and I must say the picturisation in my imagination was better...

6. Unko yeh shikayat hai... I love the ghazals in movies..and this one is a classic..(I have to mention two more here...I really do!!! hasraton ki daagh...and hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo from anpadh though a friend says the latter one is too 'doormat'ish for the girl to sing!

7. beeti na bitayi raina... I cannot resist anything semi classical...Hindustani classical music is so lovely...(and also raina beeti jaye)

8. Then the soft melodious ones by Talat Mahmood...Jalte hain jiske liye... and also humse aaya na gaya... How romantic can one get!!!!

9. Then the dancer in me...and the songs that make my heart and feet dance....Madhuban mein Radhika... Also the lovely Garjat Barsat saawan...And Manna Dey's 'hato..kahe ko jhooti..banao batiyaan'

10. Ankhiyon ke jharokon se.. Though I had heard it before, it became a favourite only recently....

I must also just mention my husband's masterpieces 'Jab deep jale aana'..'jeevan se bhari teri aankhen'...

And there is this song which I heard my husband sing first before listening to the original...and just loved it...'chehre se apni'...from the movie Palki...

Other languages, namely Tamil and malayalam. I again have several favourites... just listing a few...very very few....

1. Kalyana Then nilaaa - I can listen just any number of times to this one...
2. Nee Katru Naan maram - Amazing lyrics and the inimitable Hariharan!
3. Malare mounamaa... needs no explanation
4. Konjam neram Konjam neram
5. Raa .. Raa
The last two might be better heard than watched!


1. pinneyum pinneyum aaro kinavinte music, lyrics, picturization...just lovely
2. aaro viralmeetti manassil
3. varamanjalaadiya...
4. Chentharmizhi...Poonthenmozhi - It could be the fact that Vineeth acts in it that makes this my favourite! ;)
5. arikil nee undaayirunnengil - Oh! What a song!!!

All these songs are available on Music India Online as well.. I put you tube links just because it is easier... My advice is not to let the visuals distract you and listen to JUST the music!!! What bliss!!!

oops! Forgot that I need to tag people....

I tag

Colours... I know you are busy..still you'll love doing it..come on!
Tys? .. You said something about downloading and listening to songs...didn't you? Wanna try?
Bins.... Interested?
RustyNeurons... How about you?
Onlooker... Come on.. people from Trichy have to be music lovers!!!

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