Who am I to Myself ?

Friday, February 12, 2010

What do you think I am going to write here...looking at the title?

I bet you guessed that I am going to discuss something philosophic.

Maybe I AM at that age when one starts introspecting. Considering the current average life expectancy of man, I am really almost exactly at the mid point. From here I can look back and look forward. I can analyse my actions in the past and plan my actions for the future. I can look at how I have changed, grown...what I have experienced, learnt....I can decide what I should be....

Well...I can do all that but I am not going to... not right now anyway.. :D

This is different...

Have you used Geni?

Geni is this site that allows you to create your family tree...and allows you to stay in touch with the others in your family. For the last few months, many of my relatives have been creating family trees and including me in it.

First a cousin of my mother's created our family tree. Now my mother's side family tree is almost complete. Last week, my husband's uncle created a family tree for my husband's family. Now what happened is, these two uncles have given two different email ids of mine in the respective trees.

I had this bright idea on a weak, jobless moment last week of trying to link the two trees up and making a HUGE tree. (As Vaikom Mohd Basheer said 'Onnum onnum koodiya..immini balya oru onnu'*)

I spent some time trying to do this. One of the things I tried was to give my other email id as an alternate id for myself in one of the trees.

I don't know what got into Geni, but it seemed to think that I had invited myself to my tree... and it asked me... "Do you want to know how you are related to Wannabe?"

Now how can one resist such a question!!!! I surely did want to know what I was to myself... how I am related to myself!!!!

I was also impressed! Being from the software background myself and having learnt data structures and hence trees and tree traversal software in the process, I wanted to know how Geni would relate me to myself!!! I wanted to know if Geni would know the simple, basic answer that I am Me!!!

So I did it...I clicked the link.... And what do you think Geni said????

Any guesses?

*********Edited to add *******
You guys are not going to believe this! Geni said

"Wannabe is your husband's first cousin once removed's husband's nephew's wife's first cousin once removed's husband's aunt's husband's sister's husband's niece's husband's first cousin once removed. "


*Vaikom Muhammed Basheer - in his novel Baalyakaalasakhi

* Translation - 1 plus 1 = quite a big 1!

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