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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Phew! I feel like I've been running a relay where all the four runners are me! The last two weeks have been such that before I complete one task, I need to pick up the next and run! And each task required lot of preparation! So after lot of sleepless nights, neglecting the family and not blogging, I have finally got a small respite.

The trouble is there is nothing to show for all this work that goes in. Except the back and shoulder pain, of course! You get a prospect that looks good. You work day and night trying to answer all their questions, give several demos, study their requirements, work on the estimates, make a proposal that you think will suit them. Finally, they look at it and say 'too expensive'! Just like that!

You must remember that right from day one I’d have requested them, cajoled them and begged them to give me SOME idea of their budget. At least if their budget is low, we can avoid doing all this work! But no! Nobody tells their budget! They think that their budget is going to be higher than what we would quote and we will get a good deal out of them. Finally what is their budget? Some one-tenth of the price of our software! People here think ERP product can be bought like potatoes and tomatoes across the counter!

Well, it sure feels good to crib!!! Thank God my salary is not linked to the sales I make!

On top of all this, I go for two days to another country on an official trip, secretly wanting the hubby to realize all the work I’ve been doing at home while he sleeps in the mornings. I come back expecting him to throw up his hands and say, ‘oh, you superwoman! How have you been doing all this work all these years?’ And what do I find? Father and daughter content and happy in each others company! And the daughter shamelessly even says she didn’t miss me!

‘Kya family hai’….as Juhi Chawla says in one of those ads!

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Nancy said...

U bet. If they just give us a clue about their budget v can work around it but no they wont.

And LOL abt the father-daughter pair. But u knw wht.... if u wd have stayed away for 4 days, u bet the reception would have been diferent;-).

Hehe nice post. Newsy and funny.

read2blew said...

nice one :)

WannabeWriter said...

@nancy: Thank you! I hope you are right and 4 days would make a difference! :)

@read2blew: Thanks :) Glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

If we give an idea about our budget you can tailor your solution according to our budget ;) - It is actually Prisoner's dilemma.

Come here - for 2,3,4 weeks and give Achan and my little one a break ;)

WannabeWriter said...

Not really, if it was within tailorable limits it is fine... but when your budget is nowhere close to the effort required to make the solution do what YOU want, then everybody is just wasting time and effort - from both probably is worse in this region...may not be too bad there.... not sure...

coming a great idea! ;)

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