Friday, December 26, 2008

Colours has tagged me to write about 'the year 2008 for me'...and twin souls that we are and have been, I was already thinking of doing that anyway.

Come to think of it, there were some really significant and life-enhancing things that happened this year, I think... And there have been more good than bad...

--> 2008 began on quite a wonderful note. There is this old school mate whom I met online after 15 years and who quickly became a very good friend. I got to meet him with family after almost 1.5 years of only online interaction on the New Year's day!

--> Also it was a new year spent in the home town after several years and that made it great too...there IS a special atmosphere in Kerala for Christmas and New Year which I love!

--> Finalized and booked an apartment in the hometown...I am really looking forward to the completion of the project this year!

--> Started contributing significantly to the company's business in the region being the sole presales person and also learnt to work alone without a team or even a colleague...

--> Started travelling a lot within and outside the country on work...and travelling and regularly meeting new people does build one's confidence!

--> Started blogging!!!! And more importantly reading blogs! I have discovered a wonderful new world out there and even made a few friends in the blogsphere!

--> Watched with pride as my daughter stepped into the world of dance...knowing that no one can debate where those genes came from!

--> Resumed learning dance and dancing regularly after a break of almost 10 years. This is something I sure look forward to keep doing for a long time to come! It has done wonders to my mind and body. I can just see my stamina improve after each class and what it does to my mind is just beyond words!

--> Discovered that an old classmate and friend works and stays close by. Already had a few girls only chat sessions with her...hope to do a lot more of that next year!!! :D

--> A better apartment and a new car here...and lot of good times with the family...times that make me thank God for His blessings...

--> Continue missing all the great friends who were around while in India....but having a good time in the company of whatever little extended family is available in this foreign land.

--> Learning things about myself and how I react to situations faced in life and not so sure I like some of those...maybe I should focus on some self improvement in the new year!!!!

--> Facing the eternal dilemma in work life - a job with more learning or one with more money? A job that gives more freedom or a hi-fi designation? A job that gives me less than what it takes from me or an MBA to further my career?

And now comes the new year that brings with it another great dilemma - job, travel, learning and dance or a new baby!!! :)) Well... I sure am interested in seeing what 2009 has to offer me!!!

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colours said...

Lovely!!!! So human - I love that human touch you give. Do your MBA in Switzerland - I will come there often to visit you.

Reflections said...

That was a good read....
esp "Resumed learning dance and dancing regularly after a break of almost 10 years."
I've a few wishes just like the above but never attempted to move closer to my goal:-S.

"And now comes the new year that brings with it another great dilemma - job, travel, learning and dance or a new baby!!! :))"

Aaaaahhhh reveals a lot:-D!!!!

Written really well:-))!!!!!!!!

Reflections said...

Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh I put up such a loooong comment....where did it go?????????

Bins said...

Wow, It looks like you had a very eventful 2008. Hope 2009 brings you so much more happiness. I love reading such positive things. Inspires me to do more with my life. All the best and God Bless!

WannabeWriter said...

@all: forgot to tag anyone..any of you want to try doing it, please do..

@colours: Thanks dear... :)

@reflections: hee hee.. thanks...looking forward to the know why! :)

@bins:Really looks so eventful, right? I was also wondering...whether it is just that all the years are so eventful and it is just that I haven't put it down...or is this year idea.. and thank you and you have a great new year too!

Maddy said...

New baby??!!! All the very best. Let the new year bring all the happiness to you and your family

WannabeWriter said...

@Maddy: no no.. that was only me considering options aloud! :D Anyway thanks! And wish you a great new year too!

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