Much ado about nothing!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This blog entry is being written at gun point. Nancy has
threatened to take me off her blogroll if I do not update.
She seems to have taken unkindly to cobwebs on her blogroll.
Now being terrified of being taken off one of the most popular blogs around,
I am forced to write this entry.

I am not stupid. I don't want to be deprived of a chance
of getting new readers every day without writing

Well...that said, I must really apologise to the
few nice people who read and seem to like what
I write.

I haven't written not because nothing interesting
has happened to me. It has been a combination of
work, travel and most of all lack of topics to
write about.

See...I still haven't got a clue what I want to write

Well, I made a beginning and got out of the inertia. Now will put up
that long pending post along with colours about my visit to her place.
Or maybe I'll write about my new blackberry! :D

7 other wanderers:

I scribble here said...

Lol Nancy has done it yet again!!:)
had it not been for her, a few blogs will be non existing(including mine btw)
but anyway, show off ur blackberry already woman!! :)

WannabeWriter said...

hee hee.. you know the last time she wanted me to post something, what she did was to say to me 'you are worse than ISH!!!' :))))))))

I already am showing off..this post was typed AND posted from the blackberry! ;)

Agnes said...

What???? You got a B;ackberry instead of an iPhone?????

LOL Nancy!

Reflections said...

Yeah yeah use me as an excuse to show off ur blackberry...whtever the reason I'm glad u r back.
Now for heavensake dont vanish again;-/

Butterfly said...

See? I had almost forgotten about u!! Thanks for writing in. :D And thanks for the new post. Good job Nancy!

Yes, we like what u write (it must be evident from the fact that we read this excuse of a post and commented too!) Ha ha ha!!!!. U must keep writing. Waiting for ur next post! Happy Diwali!

Reflections said...

Where's tht trip to Europe post????

sulo badri said...

he hee :)

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