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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A long overdue tag - tagged by Nancy.

The Rules are as follows..
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged.

I'm not sure if these are quirks at all...still...here goes...

1. I think in English and not my mother tongue and I'm not one of those people who do not know their mother tongue well... I have always spoken Malayalam at home and I'm good at talking, reading and writing it...but still I think in English!

2. I am a MAJOR day dreamer... and I day dream all the time that I'm not talking or listening or reading! ;) Especially when I'm in a car or bus... I have even day dreamt while I was driving pillion on a scooter! :D

3. I dream a lot in my sleep too...sometimes I wake up feeling I have never slept and have been running around all the time. When I was younger I could remember my dreams too... now I forget them most of the time...

4. I just LOVE courtroom novels and movies...Started with Perry Masons pretty young and later latched on to every Grisham I could find. While flipping through channels, if I see a courtroom scene anywhere (even in an old Hindi or Mallu movie) I get stuck! It's almost the same with thrillers and murder mysteries too...the investigative kind...not the gory kind..

5. If I get an interesting book (or a magazine), I cannot postpone reading it. I have even read books while cooking...I can read and make dosas...sometimes even chappathis...the bottle of oil or some tin would hold the book open! You should try it...makes cooking more interesting! ;)

6. I love babyfood! While in hostel, Colours and I used to get Farex or Cerelac from the shop in the campus and eat it in our room...Also at that time, I was using Johnson's baby soap and baby powder on doctor's advice to reduce my pimples..... I'm sure the shopkeeper thought one of us had a baby hidden in our hostel room!!! :O

7. I suddenly break in to dance while at home...When I was younger I used to dance more than I used walk at home... My grandma used to ask me to close the windows lest people outside think I'm mad!

Well..that wasn't so difficult...and I thought I wasn't quirky....maybe I'll find more if I think...but will stop with 7 for now! :)

No idea whom to tag...Colours, you want to try? And anyone else who reads this and hasn't done it already!

9 other wanderers:

I scribble here said...

1) this led me to think what language do i think in?! am still not sure.. and i never gave this a thought b4 :)
4) ooh.. i just dont.. find them very boring.. infact i wud get up just as a courtroom scene begins
7) All the time!

Reflections said...

been here, but will comment in detail 2morow coz its time to go home now;-P

Colours said...

Uh! This is uncanny. I was eating dinner when I read your blog and guess what I was having for dinner.

tauplus said...

and... as for the rest... TINNN!!!

Ps said...

Dance like no one is watching is a dictum i have lived by! So could very well relate to 7.
I used to love Perry masons too :)

Reflections said...

hehe....thinking in English I guess comes naturally to us. I can talk malayalam fluently but if i have to argue or fight I automatically switch to English.
And yeah even I enjoy a good courtroom drama.

Agnes said...

#4 and #7, I am with you on those. I LOVE courtroom novels and movies. And dancing, oh yes.

WannabeWriter said...

@ish: You too! So those are not quirks right.....just what normal, sensible, intelligent people do! ;)

@colours alias tauplus: You still do?? hee hee.. yumm...me getting a craving now... ;)

@ps: :) Perry Mason is cool, ain't he?

@reflections:same here.. and thanks..the tag was fun to do

@Agnes: :) Thanks for the visit. Went to your blog and found it VERY interesting...need to catch up on a lot of your posts...

Reflections said...

And the nominations are....

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