The case of the missing weeks...

Monday, September 8, 2008

I am back in the desert city after a month of vacation - after experiencing Cochin rains and roads...Bangalore traffic and Chennai crowds.

Now I have a serious problem! I am unable to account for the first 2 weeks of our vacation. It's a mystery where those two weeks went! The third week, I remember, we spent 3 days in Bangalore and then 3 days in Chennai. The fourth week was spent literally running from one home to another finishing visits.

But the first two weeks? Where are they??? I shall never know!

And what is the outcome of our vacation? Family members feel they did not get any time with us. We wonder what happened to all those planned visits to the dentist and the doctor. And what about those temples we wanted to visit? How come we did not go to ANY temple this time?

I know..I know...I should not least I get to go on a vacation every year...but guys..but I just cannot help wondering...where DID I lose half my vacation???

But in spite of those missing two weeks, I think we did have a good vacation on the whole. We met lot of friends...some of them (4 in fact!!!) after 16 years! We had some real good outings with cousins...met a lot of relatives...and even managed to watch a movie.

So now back to toil...

3 other wanderers:

Reflections said...

Oooooohhhhh u've been busy!!!!!
It happens...time just flies when u r having fun.
So now back with lighter suitcases & to 'normalcy':-)

onlooker said...

hmmm...absolutely in tune with your thoughts! :) so much planning initially, and then by the end of it, look back and you was one hectic roller coaster ride!!

WannabeWriter said...

@reflections: yeah :((

@onlooker: It always happens, doesn't it??? But looks like you manage to plan well enough to do some travelling...good for you

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