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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have become a grandmother!

Well, it is not the Palin story that I had a daughter when I was 17 who has in turn become a mother at 17! It's just that my 7 year old has adopted a little teddy bear as her baby and this means that my husband and I become grandparents to it. It's not easy. I now have to wake the baby as well as its mother, tell stories to both of them and take care of the baby when its mother goes to office...err...school. The baby, christened Brums, by the way, is permanently covered in my daughter's blue and white duppatta. She says it is Brums's favourite 'blankee'!!! It is nice to see the mother in my little girl..so loving and tender!

I remember my first doll. I named her Smitha...what an unimaginative name! All of my childhood I yearned for one of those dolls that would open and close its eyes. I was fascinated by them but never managed to own one! All my dolls were still and boring...and quite scary once I finished dressing them up. So one of the first dolls I got for my daughter was ablinking and singing one!

Today, I feel extremely positive and happy!

It must be because of a weekend well spent, I guess... despite the fact that the weekend began with an argument over the telephone, with my boss, who was being thick headed and refusing to understand what I was trying to say.

I should not brag but I have to say that I did some fabulous cooking for Onam. I made a spread that would have made Mahabali proud...saambar, aviyal, stew, erissery, pineapple pachadi and cabbage thoran. But the best part was that I made two payasams as per tradition...a black one and a white one. Parippu prathaman made of jaggery and coconut milk and the standard semiya paayasam. I am so proud of myself!!! Well done, Me, I say!!! :D

And today's positivism is purely because I'm back to doing something I love doing more than anything else...learning dance...Nothing can lift my spirits more than two hours of solid Bharatanatyam. It's true that the old stamina is missing and I need to put in some extra effort since the 'style' I'm learning now is different from what I learnt for 15 years...but what the heck! I'm loving it!!!

Hence, I'm feeling quite unlike my usual self and more like King Khan singing 'I'm the best...I'm the best..I'm the best' !!!

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Reflections said...

So sweeeet....my kids do the same. while I maintain a serious face in front of them....I have a perpectual grin behind them, avidly listening to their baby babble & ministrations.
Wow.....the entire spread for onam....cooool...I bet u had guests. We happily gatecrashed into a cousins house & had loads of fun.

p.s -Parippu prathman:-o!!!!! I tried it once...it came out well but too tough to make:-P

WannabeWriter said...

yeah :D This was my first time with parippu prathaman...and it was not too bad for a first attempt ;)

Agnes said...

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother ;-) Very sweet....

Oh, dancing! I love to dance. I feel so free when I dance...

onlooker said...

hmm great, seems to be in a uppish mood!! getting back to what you used to do or rather used to enjoy doing, is a great feeling i guess.

quite a spread there. all we got to taste was the white payasam, courtesy, neighbour.

and sigh! what with two sons, its eons since i even handled a doll!! :(

WannabeWriter said...

@agnes: Thanks :)

@onlooker: Two sons... that would mean cars and guns I guess :D

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