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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am worried about my blog identity.

It is almost exactly a year back that I started blogging. I had not even read many blogs till then. One of the first blogs I read was that of PS and I was amazed at the popularity of the blog. Also, I had been thinking of trying my hand at writing stuff...because I had seen so many people posting their writing on the literary public folder in my company in India. There seemed to be people ready to read and share their thoughts on all that.

Even though I have been an avid reader of all kinds of books all my life, I kind of instinctively knew that I would not be good at writing stories and other things that require a lot of imagination and making up stuff. Aren't artists and writers supposed to have a temperament? I had none of that...I think I am too real,practical and not so emotional.

But the concept of blogging was okay. I could write about what happens to me and around me and also nobody would know it was me writing all that.

So I decided to start blogging.

Now I had to think up a name for my blog and also a blog identity for myself!

Like I said, I had not done much blog reading and didn't have an idea that you could come up with such exciting and imaginative names for yourself. So I named myself what I felt I was at that time - WannabeWriter. Now don't get me wrong... that does not mean wannabe author or anything. I know quite well I shall never publish anything. But I felt even to be writing on the internet and expecting people who do not know me to read and be interested in what I wrote was expecting too much! Hence the name!

Well..I haven't come too far from there. I don't have many readers but the few regular ones I have are those whose blogs and personalities I like and admire...and they are like any other real friends now. And couple of them are no longer virtual but regular friends to whom I chat on the phone often.

But now,I kick myself for choosing that identity. Why didn't I think of naming myself CreativeGenius or CelestialBeauty!!! Now I shall always be a Wannabe! Well...when you do want to address someone with a name like Wannabe Writer, what else do you call but Wannabe!

I imagine conversations between bloggers. "That wannabe has posted something..did you read?"..."Hey..for that blogger's meet, do we call that wannabe?":-O

Nothing to be done now! Sigh! I shall always remain a wannabe!!!

psst...any idea what the process is to change one's name in the blog world? Advertise in the Gazette?

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Reflections said...

ROFL......this is too good:-D!!!!!

U poor thing....what a dilemma I tell u;-D
But have to let u knw tht wannabe writer is any day better than "CreativeGenius or CelestialBeauty"

"I imagine conversations between bloggers. "That wannabe has posted something..did you read?"..."Hey..for that blogger's meet, do we call that wannabe?":-O"
Oooooooh that was the crowning glory of ur post

agnes said...

LOL Hi CelestialBeauty :-)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's just a name, just like in "real life".

Look at me, for example. In real life, when I speak to someone over the phone (someone who's never met me and doesn't know me) they think I am some 70 year old lady with a name like "Agnes".
It's just a name.

Still LOL on Celestial Beauty. Gosh that cracks me up LOL

MarjnHomer said...

there is nothing wrong with being a wannabe. this way you can blend in easy with all the smart ones and one day shock the world with your genius. if you went with creativegenius people would expect too much from you

colours said...

Hi "Wannabe" CreativeGenius or CelestialBeauty ;)

- anytime better than colours - but I had a similar story!!! I could not think about any name and I am not too creative person either. So finally I thought I like Physics and Physics has colours etc etc etc... Nothing related to blogs.

With best regards,
Colourless Colours.

Bins said...

Like ur title rightly says, it does not matter. I will read your blog if you were to change your name. I kinda like the name.

I am sure you would have invited a lot of attention with celestialbeauty!!!

Good Post. Actually, i do refer to u as wannabe!

RustyNeurons said...

Hi, wandered into your blog via biker's.
Honestly, I had not checked out blog earlier though I had seen you in the comment space often (please not be asking why and not to be feeling bad)
Wannabe sounds lot better than Celestial beauty/Creative genius :)
and, you are a writer, so have fun!

WannabeWriter said...

@Reflections: Shan't change my name after all! Thanks! :D

@agnes: Don't know of anyone who looks less like a 70 year old than you! :)))

@MarjnHomer:That's a good argument. :) Thanks for the visit!

@colours:I like your name! :)

@Bins: Thank you for the vote of confidence! :))) Not changing my name! :D

@RustyNeurons:Having common readers with the biker is compliment enough! :)) Actually..same here..have seen you in the commentspace...visited your blog only now and found it very interesting...you shall see a lot more of me!!! :))

Agnes said...

@ Wannabe Writer -- well, I guess it could have been worse. They could've named me Hildegard... :-)

Winnie the poohi said...

he he he :D :D

You know the best part of virtual world is that you can recreate yourself anytime you want :D

Just change the name..

but then,... Wannabe writer seems fun :)

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