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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is what my daughter wrote about her most favourite person in the world for her last exam.

'My most favourite person in the world is my mother. She is the best mother I have ever had. I love her because she is intelligent.'

Yeah...I also wondered how many mothers she has ever had to compare and award me the first place! But considering that not too long ago, she told my mother, 'I wish you were my mother and Amma was my grandmother..then I could always stay with you', I guess I am just gratified she wrote about me at all!

Well..anyway...what struck me was not that. What struck me was the reason she has given for loving me. Don't kids normally say they love their mother for taking care of them and giving them the most delicious things to eat? I kind of understand why my daughter doesn't say those things...if she writes about food, she'd probably have to write about the chef in the restaurant next door or the guy who makes the home delivery....but I also wondered if the kids these days are different.

I have found that the most amount of bonding happens between the two of us during the time we spend studying together. Evenings spent with me helping her with her lessons. Also, our dance classes together. Even though we have our disagreements, we end each of these sessions with a feeling of utmost camaraderie. Maybe that is why she thinks the best thing I do for her is teaching her stuff and she loves me because I am intelligent enough to teach her.

Come to think of it, I was not too different either. I used to be proud of the fact that my mother had a successful career.

She still is the most favourite teacher for so many of her students. She is a born leader and diplomat. I have heard her own colleagues grudgingly admire how as a principal, she used to make them do so much hard work without any of them realising they were doing it for her. People felt thrilled and gratified to do work for my mother because of the way she asked them to do it.

So even now, more than the for the food she cooks, I love her for being the unique person that she is. Soft but smart, selfless but efficient, tender but strong, always giving and undemanding but absolutely courageous.

Can one ask for a better role model?

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onlooker said...

hmmm..can understand that. you feel so insipired and proud, with what they have done with their life. but, i would think that this is one line or path of thought, and there is this other parallel line running along, which simply translates to the simple but overwhelming love which gushes in, when we think of her presence, irrespective of anything else! :)

WannabeWriter said...

@onlooker:You are so right...mothers are special..and irreplaceable!

colours said...

What a lovely post! I could never express it so beautifully. My mother worked sometime but before that she was at home for sometime. I cherish every moment spent with her and away from her by just what she gave - there are many ways in which they give.

One of the things that stand out for me is when my mother decided to work - one of the jobs she got (which would have propelled her into the business world) was not appreciated by elders in our family and she sacrificed that one - did very well in what she chose. This too stood out for me is "it is what we give to what we chose whatever the reasons for choice that determines how happy you are."

Agnes said...

Oh gosh, what a great post. I love that she said "I've ever had", it's just so sweet.

RustyNeurons said...

:) mommies are the best!
As for the rest, they can go
take a hike to the west!
or, east, whichever comes to your mind first.
(eeeks, quite cheep no?)

Okie, forget all those cheesey lines above, I feel that my amma indeed the best mom in the world. And I am not surprised your daughter feels the same about hers. :)

roop said...

:)) made me smile!!!

we do become what our parents are eventually ...

preeti said...

lovely thoughts
one's mom is the best for oneself, there is no need to compare :)

WannabeWriter said...

@colurs: Thanks :)
@Agnes: Though we had a good laugh, I loved that part too! I hope that innocence lasts!
@RustyN:I liked the lines! I would love to have her think the same even when she is grown up! :)
@roop:Oh.. I hope I do...though I think I have a long way to go.. :) Thanks for the visit!
@preeti:Aren't moms the best! :) Thanks for the visit.

Reflections said...

Heeee....reminds me of an incident where my friends kid's class teacher asked them wht a mother does & the child came home & complained tht she cdnt reply to tht coz her mother didnt cook, didnt clean, didnt wash clothes
....the smartest child in the class was lost for an answer:-)).

"I used to be proud of the fact that my mother had a successful career."
Strange I used to be proud of my mother for the opposite....that she had a degree, cd have had a career but still opted to stay home & look after us.

"So even now, more than the for the food she cooks, I love her for being the unique person that she is."
So, so true!!!!! My sis used to say something abt our mom which I wholeheartedly agreed to "Duniya mein ek hi piece hai" & believe me it was not meant to be a compliment:-D.

WannabeWriter said...

@reflections: Not the kid's fault is it? Even if the mother is a homemaker, who says a mother should cook, clean and wash? There are so many other things she does which only a child will know! :)

And when I spoke about being proud of my mother, the pride was not for the fact that she had a was for the way in which she succeeded in it... I realised that my post was probably planning to put a follow up post. :)

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